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Building and maintaining data infrastructure is complex and requires significant engineering effort. We provide the first complete data infrastructure delivered as a single platform. With zero maintenance, no upfront costs and no vendor lock-in, we make it easy and cost-efficient to become data-driven.


Why iomete?

The Platform

The iomete data platform is an all-in-one solution that provides a complete data infrastructure without time-consuming integrations and maintenance.

Platform features

The iomete platform includes everything you need to become truly data-driven

Transparent pricing
No lock-ins

Pay only for what you use, at competitive rates. No upfront investment. No lock-ins.

Lakehouse Compute

$0.99/ icu / hr

— Choose from a variety of instance types, starting from less than 1$ / hour.

  • xsmall - $0.99 / hour

  • small - $1.98 / hour

  • medium - $3.96 / hour

  • large - $7.92 / hour

  • xlarge - $15.84 / hour


$23/ TB / month

— Pay the as-is S3 list price for as much data as you need.

  • x10 Data Compression

  • Highly durable

  • Unlimited Scaling

  • Highly Secured

  • Billed monthly

Serverles Spark Jobs

$0.40/ icu / hr

— Define, schedule, monitor, and control the execution of Apache Spark processes.

  • Unlimited Jobs

  • Scheduling with cron

  • Monitoring

  • Private Docker Images

  • Flexible Configuration

Business intelligence

$9.99/ per seat

— Explore and vizualize your data with our modern and powerful BI solution.

  • No-code viz builder


  • Unlimited Dashboards

  • Wide variety of charts

  • Saved queries & history



— Benefit many other features and boost your productivity.

  • SQL Editor

  • Data Lake Location on Customer side

  • Onboarding Support

  • Slack Support Channel

Data Governance


— Build modern data stack with us. Explore our variety of solutions for data governance.

  • Data ACL

  • Data Catalog

  • Data Monitoring & Observability

  • Automatic PII/PCI detction (ML)

  • Lineage

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Built on Open-Source

Our lakehouse solution is built on top of 2 popular Open Source platforms. There are many tech giants, like Netflix, Apple, Adobe, Alibaba have already adopted Apache Spark and Iceberg to handle Petabytes of data.

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